Tony O'Kane | Sep 22, 2008

Last week we brought you Citroen's tantalising-yet-mysterious teaser shot of their upcoming GT concept car, which - aside from those glowing headlights shining through a Citroen/Gran Turismo-branded cover - didn't tell us a whole lot about what to expect.

However, Citroen recently released another image of the low-slung concept, one that shows us a little more skin and gives speculation-happy pundits like us a little more to work with.

It's not entirely obvious what end of the car is being depicted, but judging by the carbon-fibre diffuser and the two rhomboid exhaust(?) pipes, it would seem that what we've got here is the tail of the GT concept. What's immediately clear about the concept is that it'll definitely be rocking some serious supercar style when it debuts at next month's Paris Motor Show, with those enormous wheel arches, that low roofline and flat rear deck showcasing a hefty amount of racecar DNA.

Unfortunately we won't know whether the GT concept will ever be more than just a show pony until the doors open in Paris, but rest assured that no matter what, you'll all be afforded the chance to get behind the wheel of this car soon - the Citroen GT concept will become available as a downloadable car for Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 Prologue once the Paris show ends. Nice.

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