Mike Stevens | Sep 19, 2008

Austrian trail bike maker KTM recently unveiled its new 690 Enduro R for 2009, building on the range of LC4-powered bikes.

Based on the 690 Enduro, the hopped up Enduro R brings to the table longer travel suspension, a more aggressively shaped front fender, a pair of Pirelli MT 21s chunky tyres, a smaller, less obtrusive headlight, and revised dials and graphics for the new model year.


KTM says the 690 Enduro is "the ultimate all-rounder," as much at home on highways as it is on dirt. Doubtless the Enduro R will lose some of that road cosiness in exchange for its superior trail capabilities.

The Enduro R shares the Enduro's 654cc single-cylinder LC4 engine, and weighs in at about 139kg (dry).


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