Steane Klose | Sep 18, 2008

Don't you just love the Internet? Well ahead of Top Gear Australia's September 29th debut, we've details - and pictures - on what to expect in the pilot episode. It looks like there will be plenty to talk about around the water cooler come Tuesday morning.

It will be full steam ahead in episode one with a Nissan X-trail, Toyota Rav4 and Subaru Forester comparison, with a Maybach 57S review offered up to take care of the 'serious' side of things.

Catering to the not-so-serious will be a segment that features (what looks like) a Mini-Moke being converted into a shark cage. A sausage-laden Warren is then given the distinct pleasure of meeting one of Australia's most famous residents from inside the converted cage (we really feel for the guy...).

No word on what our own boomerang-wielding Stig will be up to, but he/she/it was caught with a RHD Ford GT40 early last month. It's a fair bet we'll see the GT removing copious amounts of rubber from those massive treads.

TGA is shaping up to be a lively affair. We're really hoping it comes off... 'just a few more sleeps; not long to go now children'.

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