Tony O'Kane | Sep 17, 2008

It looks like Mitsubishi isn't the only manufacturer who's dropping cryptic teaser photos in the lead up to the Paris Motor Show. Lamborghini has also released a mysterious pic of its own, along with the bafflingly short statement below:

"It's not just a new Lamborghini. It's a new world."

All we can tell from Lamborghini's photo is that their mystery car sports a centrally-mounted exhaust, an edgy Reventon-esque design philosophy and a trick-looking (but rather undersized) carbon-fibre diffuser. Lamborghini will reveal all on October 1, but until then, it's anybody's guess as to what the new car will be.

Is the House of the Black Bull gearing up to release an all-new genre-bending vehicle that's sure to blow the collective minds of supercar enthusiasts around the globe? Or will it just be yet another mildly-tweaked version of one of their existing offerings?

More importantly, what does the second sentence in Lambo's press release really mean? Is it merely the work of a hyperbole-mad copywriter, or is the mystery car actually something more sinister - like some kind of inter-dimensional gateway between our world and another? We'll find out on October 1, but until then feel free to submit your own hypotheses in the comments section below.

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