Steane Klose | Sep 12, 2008

Keep your eyes peeled on this year's Los Angeles Motor Show in November. Volkswagen has confirmed it will debut a lightweight mid-engined sports car concept, with the intention of hitting dealers sometime in 2011 if public reaction is favourable.

While this news alone may not be enough to light your fire, the possibility that VW's owner, Porsche, may put its hand up for the concept and release a successor to the Porsche 914, in spirit if not in name, might be a touch more exciting to hear.

Audi’s Walter da Silva has been overseeing the design of the new roadster which is said to delve deeply into the VW parts bin to keep development and production costs down. Based on a lightweight aluminum space frame chassis, the concept will be powered by a mid-mounted 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, with petrol and diesel variants a possibility.

Given Porsche does not currently have a four-cylinder powered vehicle in mainstream production, there's every chance we could see a small six-cylinder shoved in the back of the Porsche variant. The original 914 sold best in four-cylinder guise however, so if Porsche wishes to remain true to the model, then a Porsche-fettled version of VW's engine selection may not be out of the question.

If the 914 did see a rebirth, it may prove to be the marque's best seller, especially if it can slot in under the Cayenne in price. The cheapest Cayenne is currently Porsche's top seller - providing ample proof that people will pay the price to get that Porsche badge in the driveway. An 'affordable' 914 could fit the bill quite nicely.

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