Mike Stevens | Sep 6, 2008

Not to be outdone by BMW's fancy sign-reading camera or Toyota's night vision, Subaru has announced that its Japan-market Outback and Legacy (Liberty in Australia) models can now, for around AU$3500, be optioned with its new EyeSight camera kit to assist inattentive drivers.

Featuring two cameras sitting either side of the rear view mirror, the system utilises human-like stereoscopic vision to gauge distances between your own car and other objects, recognise if your car is drifting out of its lane, and even slam on the brakes if you're unwittingly coming up a little too fast and close on the vehicle in front of you.

On top of that, it will also advise you if you've devoted too much attention to the dials on your stereo while sitting at the lights and the car in front of you has already pulled away.

EyeSight even features a pedestrian alert, keeping an eye on those pesky jaywalkers and ensuring you don't find yourself in jail for wiping one out.

Jump through to Subaru's Japanese website to watch a video presentation of the EyeSight system in action. Click "Pick UP - EyeSight" to get to the right spot, then push the engine start button, and once you get through the intro (or you can skip it), hit "Eyesight Technology Movie".

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