2008 Ford Falcon Orion spotted in the USA

Steane Klose | Jun 3, 2007




It’s kind of ironic that the clearest picture of the 2008 Falcon Orion has actually been taken by a photographer in the States. Leftlanenews debuted the image seen below late last week. As you can see the side profile is basically disguise free and the C-pillar shape and basic line of the 2008 Falcon can be clearly seen.

We have to say that it appears to look quite good and may lack the awkwardness of the base model VE Commodore.

The really interesting thing about this image is that it was taken in North America as the car was being unloaded from a shipping container. There has been a whisper for a little while now that Ford may choose a similar route to GM and use their cost effective and creative Australian outpost as their development centre for their rear wheel drive platforms.

The fact that the 2008 Falcon is now in the States hints at this being more than just a rumour or whisper. Could we be looking at a development mule that may precede Ford Australia exporting Falcons to the US in a move mirroring Holden’s Commodore export plans? It may just be that some future Ford product will use the Falcon's rear drive platform.

We know that Ford are looking at export markets for the 2008 Falcon ‘Orion’ as well as the Territory and they need to if they are to remain viable in Australia. The buzz on the American based forums after the release of this photo suggests that Ford would have no trouble selling Falcons or Falcon based product in the US.

Lets hope the next gen Aussie Falcon makes its way through the usual red tape, gets around the American Automobile Workers Union and begins to make a global name for itself.

Update 02/12/07 - picture gallery thanks to Australian Ford Forum who are worth visiting for the latest news on Orion in their Orion Knowledge Hub section .


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  • CRB says,
    8 years ago
    I miss my Australian ford Falcon so much!! I hope they do make it over here with all the Aussie options, mid console, rear console air conditioning. Better looks than Taurus....
  • joe says,
    8 years ago
    you poor thing...the fact that you had to even mention a mid console in a sedan shows how deprived you've been... As if the US wouldn't love to get the Territory and Falcon.. it's silly for ford to think otherwise, i drove the territory today..and didn't want to get out
  • BOOF says,
    8 years ago
    i was at pimba road house when these photos were taken and i over took all these cars. they look very very nice on the road..
  • Falcon sinks to an all new low... - Just Comm says,
    8 years ago
    [...] for the new XR8, awesome looking car and i think i'd have one over a VE too. For those who care 2008 Ford Falcon Orion picture gallery The XR8 i seen the bonnet bulge looked bigger, in one of the pics, it looks a little larger again. [...]
  • Falcon sinks to an all new low... - Page 2 - says,
    8 years ago
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  • lola says,
    8 years ago
    It will finally replace that beautiful Crown Victoria in the USA , i miss the 3V 5.4Litre engine though ... i still drive my G220 bought in 2003 and it goes like a comet , a quick car...its all confusing we are spoilt for choice.
  • oscar the grouch says,
    8 years ago
    ive seen these pics of the ford, they discust me with their pathetic imitation of what they believe to be wat aussies want ide go a ve anyday
  • Chris Ford says,
    8 years ago
    It's the quality that kills the Falcon. We use them at work and "they look as if they have all been build by gibbons with access to welding equipment" (Tom Ford)

    The quality is shocking. Unreliable Electrics, (especially the electric windows!) mis-fitting plastics, poor quality materials, rust, orange-peel paint and a "built to a price" look and feel just let this car down in a big way.

    My last car, a 2007 build BFII XT wagon, developed cracks in every support bracket holding the suspension on! Just by towing a trailer filled with computer equipment! It took 4 weeks to get the car back from repair - we had the car written off as nobody would drive it. Our Mitsubishi Magna does the same day in and day out without batting an "eyelid" and with 90,000 on the clock, it's going to be a shame to say goodbye to it.

    They are not fast either, no agile - especially with the 1920's style leaf-spring watts-link suspension in the back of the wagons.

    Lets all hope that Ford have had a bloody good look at their competitors, BMW, VW, Audi, Renault, Citroen and Mercedes before they export this car. It has to be as best as they can do.

    They can build a fantastic car if they TRY. A world car? Absolutely! A rocket? Sure! Quality? Hrm - wait and see.