2009 Renault Megane Photos Leaked

Steane Klose | Sep 3, 2008

Press shots of the up-coming 2009 Renault Megane III hatchback have found their way online thanks to km77.com, and the team over at Jalopnik were kind enough to share the love with a full gallery of images. No grainy spyshots here ladies and gents, these are the real deal.

The '09 Megane is going mainstream, swapping the quirkiness of the previous model, with a bucket load of style and more than a hint of Mazda3 over those front wheel-arches and down the flanks. The appealing hatch will certainly blend with the traffic more than before, yet it still retains elements of the distinctive French styling that so often divides the opinions of onlookers.

At this stage there is no information on engine or drive-train configurations or any of the specifications, but it's expected that we'll see some greener engine options become available.

French vehicle aesthetics have not always been to everyone's taste, however the new Renault Megane is sporting a well-balanced and refined look that will likely appeal to a wider audience.

[Source: km77.com via Jalopnik ]

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  • Sund00bie says,
    7 years ago
    Looks very nice!

    Thank god they got rid of its horrible *** laugh