Steane Klose | Aug 22, 2008

Honda has just announced its all-new DN-01 cruiser and for those who like their riding easy, but with a dash of street appeal, this is a bike worth a closer look.

The very latest Honda technology has been integrated into the DN01 which features a 680cc V-twin engine, unique 17" wheels and concept bike looks.


The DN01 has one major difference to most bikes of this size in that it is equipped with "the most advanced fully automatic transmission ever developed for any two wheeled vehicle".

The six-speed self-shifter is an 'infinitely variable HFT transmission' that features Drive, Sport and a 6-speed Manual mode. Its switch-selectable mechanical Neutral also makes for easier control when at stop.

The bike's unique front cowl design is fitted with two dual projector headlights. There is also a wide LCD instrument panel, integrated LED taillight assembly and a Combined-Antilock Brake System.


Honda says that the DN-01 is, "one of its most innovative R&D projects come to life". With it's low seat height and automatic transmission, the DN-01 is an ideal option for those who want a bike that combines easy riding, with the handling and power of a larger road bike.

The DN-01 is available now until 31 October 2008 at a special introductory price of $16990 (plus on road costs).

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