Tony O'Kane | Aug 22, 2008

Rich people like fancy watches. Rich people also like Aston Martins. Now, if you're a watch-lovin' Aston Martin owner, you've no doubt spent many a sleepless night wondering when you'll be able to combine your passion for pricey timepieces with your fondness for expensive British sports coupes.

Well wonder no more, for Aston Martin's timekeeper of choice, Jaeger LeCoultre, have released their AMVOX2 DBS Transponder watch which, as you may have guessed, allows the wearer to lock and unlock their Aston Martin DBS without ever touching the keys or the car itself.

Aston_DBS_watch_face A simple tap of the watchglass between eight and nine o'clock unlocks the doors, while a touch of the space between three and four o'clock locks them. It's essentially a central locking remote that's been integrated into a very expensive (think around USD$35 thousand ) watch, which to normal, poverty-stricken folk like you and me may seem just a tad ridiculous and more than a little bit wanky.

However, if you're wealthy enough to splash nearly half a million bucks on an Aston Martin DBS, $35k for a watch is probably no big deal and besides, just imagine how James Bond-ish you'd look with your gadget-laden wristwatch and your shiny Aston Martin.

[Jaeger LeCoutre]

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