Steane Klose | Aug 20, 2008

Honda is taking a leaf out of Toyota's 'how to market a green car' book by shipping its hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity out to a Hollywood star or two. Among the first of the new emissions-free FCX owners is Jamie Lee Curtis.

At least 200 customers will have the opportunity to lease Honda's latest green machine, both in Japan and the States. For Jamie Lee Curtis and filmmaker husband Christopher Guest, the FCX is the latest addition to a string of alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles that the couple have owned.

The FCX Clarity is powered by a silent 100 kilowatt electric engine, with the only by-products of powering the unique vehicle being heat and water vapour. Fuel efficiency is said to be three times that of a modern petrol powered car.

Other well-known Honda FCX Clarity drivers from the world of entertainment are actress Laura Harris from television show 24 and film producer Ron Yerxa.

Unfortunately, the current petrol-centric infrastructure in Australia means that we will not see the likes of the FCX Clarity in the short term, however Honda Australia’s Managing Director, Yasuhide Mizuno has confirmed bringing the FCX Clarity to Australia is part of Honda Australia’s long term vision.

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