Tony O'Kane | Aug 19, 2008

Slovenian website Avtomanija has weighed in on the juicy topic of McLaren's much-rumoured successor to the indomitable F1 with these renderings of what it says represents the new F2/F12/P12.

There's a little bit of Lotus Evora and Porsche Carrera GT in the design as well as a tinge of Aston in those wide rear arches, but for the most part the car depicted in these images looks about as elegant as a giraffe on rollerskates. The wing mirrors are reminiscent of Shrek's ears and that sharp rectangular central bumper opening looks like an afterthought. The rear view is particularly unattractive.

McLaren_F2_render02 The whole thing looks more like a big, comfortable GT car rather than the lightweight, greyhound-like successor to the F1 that the F2 is meant to be. This leads us to believe these images are merely speculative renderings and nothing more.

In fact, Avtomanija's renderings looks suspiciously similar to Car magazine's rendering, which we showed to you back in May when we reported on the F2's little brother, the McLaren P11. The only difference here is that Car's rendition of the F2 actually looks like something you'd happily pay half a million bucks for.

The McLaren F2 is expected to make use of a 447kW+ V10 derived from the Mercedes-McLaren SLR's V8. A launch date for the car has not been set, however it's widely believed it will become available sometime after 2010, when the P11 is expected to debut.


[Avtomanija, via WorldCarFans]

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