Mike Stevens | Aug 9, 2008

If aliens visited Earth today, and were somehow also obsessed with speed (hey, if you're travelling light years...), they might also be curious about how we do it on Earth. If they know anything about our history, they might look at the international automaker relationships and curiously ask the world, "Hold on, didn't most of you lot try to bloody exterminate each other some sixty years ago?"

Fair question, and if BMW owning Mini and Ford owning Mazda wasn't enough, it's even more so now with Aston Martin and Mercedes coming together in a top-secret collaboration on just about everything.

The September 2008 issue of The UK's car magazine has got its hands on information that intimates just how close the two automakers are set to become. The following is the list of areas Merc and AM are expected to work together on.

  • Mercedes engines could power future Aston Martins
  • AMG's 6.2-litre V8 may appear in upcoming Vantage models
  • Merc Diesel and hybrid engines planned for AM
  • Top-end models expected to share underpinnings
  • Future Astons to sit over 8-speed Merc automatic transmissions
  • Even Maybach will be working with Aston on possible models

Apparently known by the classy title Project Alligator, the joint works are expected to shape the future of Aston Martin. Here's hoping it doesn't ruin the lines of the classiest supercars out there.

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