VW Golf R32 Dropped For 2009, GTI to Gain 10kW

Tony O'Kane | Aug 8, 2008

Straight off the back of Volkswagen's recent reveal of the 2009 Golf VI is news that will no doubt have many a Vee-Dub fan in tears. Thanks to ever-tightening emissions legislation in Europe, Volkswagen has decided to axe the hard-core AWD V6 Golf R32, substituting it with an all-paw Golf variant with a turbocharged 2-litre inline four.

The good news is that the R32's replacement will be even more powerful, with its turbo four-banger cranking out an impressive 198kW - 14kW more than the R32's 3.2-litre V6.

The new GTI will also be turning up the wick on its predecessor, with its 157kW turbo 2-litre four (essentially a detuned version of the R32 replacement's motor) generating some 10kW more than the current model. Steering and handling will also be improved over the current GTI, however it will retain the current Golf's excellent balance of sports and comfort.

You can also expect the GTI to boast a flashier exterior treatment than the standard Golf, with Audi-style LED running lights in the headlamps and sportier bumpers and rims announcing the GTI's sporting intent. Access to the turbocharger and the oil cooler is also said to be improved, making servicing (or modification, wink wink) less of a headache.

The new GTI and R32 replacement (which will retain the 'R' moniker) will go on sale soon after the rest of the Golf range sometime in early 2009. A concept version is rumoured to be making its debut at the upcoming Paris Motor Show in October.


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  • Cupid Stunt says,
    7 years ago
    Oh dear that'll upset you Aussie 6cyl lovers. The 4cyl was always a better proposition anyway.
    The Eurocrats insistence on reduced CO2 levels per manufacturers range means VW just have to reduce engine sizes. Pity.
  • Gigantic Assault says,
    7 years ago
    Oh, damn. In a good way, that is. This will really give the Japanese rice-loving fans a run for their money! Move over Subaru and Mitsu, a new kid's in town.
  • max-faraday says,
    7 years ago
    Yeah the 4cyl AWD turbo is good news but the new golf is a bit boring to look at isnt it?? even the STI is hottr than that!
    • Gigantic Assault says,
      7 years ago
      I'm quite sure any AWD turbo version of the Golf will be far nicer to look at than the regular model. Might even get some pumped guards if we're a bit lucky.
  • fgfalcman says,
    7 years ago
    They say the R32 is dropped - but - an all-paw, hotted up GTI will still be made - sounds like it may as well be a REVISED R32 (with a new name - what ever it may be)...
  • Godspeed says,
    7 years ago
    I think it's a shame; I've never actually driven an R32 but I'd be tempted to buy one because the the engine note alone. They sound absolutely fantastic, it's quite an exotic sound, up there with the M3 and Alfas for 6-cylinder soundtrack.
    • SteveR32 says,
      7 years ago
      Total bummer....upside is it will help with my resale. I wouldn't be surprised if the thing never makes it to Australia. Will eat into S3 sales.
  • Bruce says,
    7 years ago
    oh well, shame the R32 is getting killed off, I love the sound of the V6, turbo just isnt going to cut it when the Evo and WRX are just quicker....always loved beating down GTI's....GTi-R just doesnt sound the same.

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