Trevor Collett | May 10, 2017

Volkswagen’s new Arteon will feature more driver assist systems than any Volkswagen to come before it, including semi- and fully-autonomous driving.

The German carmaker says the big ticket item is an emergency assist feature, which will effectively take the wheel should it sense that a driver has suddenly become incapacitated.

But the Arteon will not then transport the driver to the nearest hospital, or continue the journey, as the system is programed to warn other road-users with hazard lights before bringing the vehicle to a halt on the roadside when safe to do so.

While ‘Emergency Assist 2.0’ is a new feature in itself, the function actually combines existing lane assist, park assist and adaptive cruise control features.

If the vehicle senses that the driver has not used the steering wheel or pedals for an extended period, Emergency Assist is triggered.

The system even attempts to ‘wake’ the driver by jolting the brakes and presenting aural and visible warnings.

On multi-lane roads, lane assist will first guide the vehicle to the ‘slow’ lane when safe to do so, before attempting to stop in the emergency lane or on the roadside.

The emergency assist is one of four new systems to debut for Volkswagen in the Arteon, but Volkswagen has chosen to detail the new tech in bite-sized pieces.

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