Kez Casey | Apr 26, 2017

Chinese-Israeli automotive manufacturer, Qoros, has used the Shanghai Auto Show to unveil its most ambitious concept vehicle yet with the Model K-EV previewing the brand’s future styling direction as well as its electric ambitions.

Built atop a carbon fibre monocoque chassis, and featuring an unusual asymmetrical door layout, the Model K-EV is capable of a 2.7-second 0-100 km/h dash and a driving range in excess of 500 kilometres, according to Qoros.

The company promises the powertrain tech in the extravagant show car is close to production ready, with an engineering test car to be shown in November and a production debut scheduled for 2019.

As is preferred for Chinese buyers, the Model K-EV puts rear seat travellers in a highly comfortable ‘zone’ of their own, with a pair of individual bucket seats ensuring a sporty feel for all occupants.

The carbon fibre construction is also a key element of the interior, with Qoros developing what it calls a Clever Carbon Cabin (or CCC) which results in a seamless flow between interior and exterior surfaces, with a strong focus on the lightweight material to ensure low weight and high strength.

Access to the passenger compartment is via a driver’s side gullwing door, with the passenger side featuring a front dual-hinge mechanism to open as a conventional front-hinged door or a sliding door, paired with a minivan-style sliding rear door.

Power is provided by quad-motor drivetrain generating a combined 650kW output, fuelled by a 107kWh battery lithium ion battery that can be recharged via a conventional wall plug, fast charger, or an inductive charging system.

Electric propulsion wasn’t Qoros’ only drawcard at Shanghai, with the company touting its QamFree engine technology, developed in conjunction with supercar firm Koenigsegg, which ditches a conventional mechanically actuated camshaft in favour of electro-pneumatic actuators for more accurate and highly variable valvetrain control.

Unlike the production Model K-EV, Qoros is yet to pencil in a timeline for a showroom-ready version of the QamFree technology.

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