Trevor Collett | Oct 25, 2016

Jaguar Land Rover will join two other carmakers in a wide-reaching test of connected vehicle technologies, concentrating on three areas of research.

Ford and Tata are the other willing participants, and together, the trio will test the tech known as ‘v2v’ and ‘v2i’.

As the cars ‘talk’ to each other and surrounding infrastructure, the three key features that will feature in test are road safety, fuel efficiency and synchronicity with traffic lights.

JLR says it will soon be possible to “travel across central London or Paris” without stopping, as the v2v and v2i tech optimises vehicle speed through ‘Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory’ to ensure all of the traffic lights are green as the car passes through the intersection.

Aside from smoother journeys, JLR says v2v and v2i will help to reduce congestion and lower CO2 emissions. Autonomous vehicle software is also part of the test.

JLR describes v2v and v2i tech as one of its “research priorities”, with the carmaker lining up a fleet of 100 vehicles as part of its test program over the next four years.

“We know that there’s a huge potential for these technologies in future vehicles around the world,” JLR’s Tony Harper said.

“Until now, we have focused on communication between Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, this collaborative approach is a major stepping stone towards all connected and autonomous vehicles co-operating with each other in the future.”

Mr Harper emphasised the importance of cooperation between carmakers on connected car technologies, labelling it “essential”.

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