Brad Leach | Sep 23, 2016

The Honda S Dream Streamliner is now the world’s fastest Category-A Group-1 Class-4 car after topping 420km/h on the salt flats at Bonneville, Utah.

A collaboration between Honda’s engineering teams in Japan and North America, the Honda S Dream Streamliner averaged 421.641km/h over one kilometer and 421.446kmh for the one mile mark.

What makes the story remarkable is the powerplant - no jet or rocket engines here with a modified version of Honda’s 0.6-litre three-cylinder engine doing the job (the base engine is used in the S660 sports car which is not sold here).

Engine donor: The Honda S660 Roadster
Engine donor: The Honda S660 Roadster

Honda announced the “Bonneville Speed Challenge” to its staff in Japan in 2015 and a team of 16 people was selected from 100 volunteers - among them team leader Keisuke Tsuta.

However they struck trouble during the first tests at Bonneville when driver Hikaru Miyagi reported the salt flats were not like test tracks in Japan and the Honda S Dream Streamliner’s cockpit canopy needed substantial modifications to improve forward visibility.

So they loaded-up the trucks and headed to Honda Performance Development in Santa Clarita, California where a new canopy and upper bodywork was designed and fitted within 10 days.

As a result of its runs on the famous salt flats, he Honda S Dream Streamliner has now edged ahead of the BAR Honda F1 racer to become the fastest car to wear a Honda badge.

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