Kez Casey | Sep 23, 2016

The world’s major automakers rely on innovative thinking to lead to new inventions and to drive development, and Ford is no exception.

According to the automaker, the development of new inventions is at an all-time high in 2016, and to demonstrate, it has offered a glimpse of some of the employee-derived innovations that have emerged in 2016.

Perhaps the most quirky idea is that of Powertrain Controls Engineer, Doug Martin. Called On-The-Go H2O and able to capture and filter the condensation from a car’s air-conditioner to provide fresh drinking water in the cabin.

The system can create up to 1.9 litres of water in a day, with the potential to reduce plastic waste from bottled water, but, more importantly, to act as a vital source of potable water in regions where it is scarce, like the outback for example. Check it out in greater detail at the bottom of the page.

Other inventions to emerge from Ford include a smartphone app to allow ride-share passengers to take back seat control of the radio and climate setting of vehicles equipped with Ford’s Sync infotainment system.

Rounding out the list is Carr-E (pronounced “carry”), a ‘last-mile’ transport solution that resembles a four-wheel hoverboard.

Carr-E docks in a vehicle’s spare wheel well, and once a driver reaches a car park near the destination, can be deployed to carry heavy items, following, like an obedient hound, a transmitter carried by the driver.

Developed by Systems Engineer, Kilian Vas, Carr-E is just one potential solution that could ease congestion in city centres, allowing remote parking and converting central CBDs into pedestrian zones, aided by the use of personal mobility devices.

“I was inspired by Ford’s expansion into both an auto and a mobility company, as well as our founder Henry Ford’s dedication to transforming transportation.” Vas explained.

Of course, none of these new systems are ready to roll just yet, but they do hint at some of the outside-the-box thinking that takes place away from the usual automotive engineering programs at Ford.

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