Brad Leach | Aug 22, 2016

Nissan’s futuristic BladeGlider prototype has garnered plenty of media coverage and it seems the Japanese giant is looking favourably towards a production version by 2020.

According to Nissan Europe’s electric car chief Gareth Dunsmore, the tipping point for the production go-ahead will arrive when market demand is sufficient.

Speaking to the British media, Mr Dunsmore said: “ Norway has now tipped to 20 per-cent EVs (and) as we head towards 2020 you’ll see greater moves towards EVs. Governments are starting to support the move towards climate change objectives, and to get to that point needs a huge shift towards electric mobility.”

Like some other automotive brands, Nissan isn’t sitting idle with its hands out waiting for government cash - the Japanese giant has already invested $5.3-billion in EVs, manufactures the required batteries and has sold more than 200,000 Leaf electric cars globally.

The BladeGlider concept car was jointly developed with Williams Grand Prix Engineering (which previously worked with Nissan’s alliance partner Renault) and its aim is to ramp-up the pizzaz of electric cars - the sports car is an evolution of its first DeltaWing and the later Zeod RC endurance racers.

Drive to each rear wheel is provided by a separate electric motor and despite the narrow front track, cornering response is impressive and aided by torque-vectoring at the rear which, when required, adjusts drive to the outside wheel.

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