Mike Stevens | Aug 1, 2008

The world's population keeps on growing, but recent discoveries have shown that the overall dimensions of Earth are not. Frightening.

To get some idea of the sorts of lifestyle changes future generations of the human race will be dealing with, you need only take a look at Japan. The islands of Japan represent a snapshot of the struggles encountered when so many people are forced to live side-by-side in a comparatively tiny area.

When the day comes that you can no longer expect to find a parking spot on any of the streets within an hour of your apartment—even though you've got a parking permit, damn it all—German company CarLoft may have just the solution for you.


CarLoft's concept is thus: You drive your car onto a big lift that runs up the side of your building, and when you get to your floor, you can park right there on your own balcony. This idea of course depends on your apartment having a balcony, but the concept is solid nonetheless.


Plans are currently on the books for CarLoft buildings to be erected in European cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, and Hamburg, among others. The lofts themselves, which make up your living space and the balcony for your vehicle, range from 2411 sq ft to 5800 sq ft, and start at AU$575,000.

Pretty cheap, when you consider the prices of some of the tiny apartments in the Melbourne CBD.


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