Mike Stevens | Aug 1, 2008

When I saw this brilliant illustration of the inner workings of Lightning McQueen—animated star of Pixar's Cars film—my inner 12 year just about wet himself. How I'd have changed my inner 12 year old's underoos, I have no idea, so it's a good job he kept himself sorted.

If you've got the same level of control over your own internal car-crazy man-child, click through and get yourself a look at what one dedicated fan reckons might be going on behind Lightning McQueen's pearly whites.


I'd always figured McQueen and his cohorts were artifically intelligent animatronic cars created by some sort of alien race of stoner scientists who one day said "hey, dude, you know what we should totally make?" Boy was I wrong! It turns out the Owen Wilson voiced NASCAR is more like a crab, with an entire biological system under his exoskeleton, enveloping an engine, a pair of axels, and side-vented exhaust.

My hat's off to Jake Parker over at Agent44.com, great work mate. Click through to view the above image on Jake's blog, and a larger version of the illustration.

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