Mike Stevens | Aug 1, 2008

While Gran Turismo 5 is still somewhere off in the distance, waving like the Queen and wearing what I think might be a polka dot dress and a propeller hat, Sony and Polyphony Digital have ordained to give their devotees something to tide them over. Luckily, it's not a dress.

If you've got a PlayStation 3, and I suspect you do, then you'll be keen to know that Gran Turismo TV is debuting this weekend.

What in flaming exhausts is Gran Turismo TV? You'll need a copy of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue in order to find out, but essentially over the next day or so, you'll suddenly be able to download an update that will allow you to download pay-per-view video.

From BBC's Top Gear, to Japan's Best Motoring video magazine (and hopefully Best Motoring International, otherwise I'll once again be stuck watching hot cars but having no idea what Tsuchiya is saying), you'll find a whole bunch of... well... anything you could get free online with a bit of effort, really.

Keep an eye out for a bevy of exclusive content, because that's the gear that you'll really want to fork out the Visa for.


Check out the Gran Turismo TV introduction video over Playstation.com, along with the full list of shows and videos you'll be able to access for only a couple of bucks per download. Neat!

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