Tim O'Brien | Jul 31, 2008

At a low $3299, and with petrol prices sucking wallets dry, Yamaha's new XC125 Vino scooter will be sure to find a lot of friends.

That price, in case you’re unaware, is a full $1200 less than when the Vino was released in 2006. Equipped with alloy three-spoke wheels and highlighted with chromed retro-look accents including speedo, headlight cowl, mirrors and handlebar, the Vino 125 is improving with age.

A fuss-free 125cc 4-stroke engine, full automatic transmission, electric start, front disc brake, easy-riding suspension and ample storage space, ensure that there is a lot to like in the Vino for city commuters and life-style buyers.

Sure, the Italian name is a bit of a stretch – Yamaha describes the Vino 125 as “just like a seductive and appealing Sauvignon Blanc” – but the renaissance in scooters, and quadrupling sales in the past two years, has more than a bit to do with fun, flair, and Mediterranean style.

(Of course, when I was a wee sprog, “vino” meant “cheap plonk” – usually by the flagon – but things have changed somewhat.)

At $3299 (inc. GST) RRP, it will pay for itself in no time. Then there’s the fun factor... all bonus, no down-side.

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