Mike Stevens | Jul 29, 2008

Earlier this month, The Insider took the Retro-Specto™ goggles to the Hummer H3, and while he was happy to hurl plaudits at it, the end conclusion was that the Hummer brand is doubtless on the way out. Only a few days later, TI gave us a look at the bigger picture of the hole the US automakers are in, and Hummer featured strongly once more.

Yet again, more news comes to us of Hummer's imminent demise.

Automotive News claims that more than a few nameless Hummer dealers have been receiving visits from General Motors, which has apparently been getting around town negotiating with its US sellers to buy back the dealerships, throwing in early bonuses to sweeten the pot.

With Hummer's sales figures dropping by a disastrous 59.3 percent—and with fuel prices being what they are, there's little to be surprised about there—the dealers have been happily taking up GM's offer in a fashion not unlike the proverbial exodus of rats from sinking ships.

Hats to your hearts, those who give a damn: Hummer's outta here.

[Source: Automotive News]

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