Liquid-Injection LPG Boosts Power and Economy

Steane Klose | Jul 24, 2008

LPG is a little overlooked in Australia as a cheap and relatively clean fuel source for cars. While our governments - bless their hearts - are keen to focus on the massive green marketing tool that is the hybrid, more sensible but less 'sexy' options such as LPG do not always get the attention they deserve.

On that note, it is somewhat pleasing to confirm that the latest cutting-edge LPG Autogas system is now available in Australia and it promises enhanced fuel economy and better-than-petrol power.

Australian LPG Warehouse says its new-generation liquid-injection Autogas system offers significant advances over current industry-standard vapour sequential injection (VSI) Autogas systems.

Autogas-powered vehicles using VSI systems typically use more litres of fuel than petrol-powered equivalents.

"Autogas is a lighter fuel which yields less energy per litre and you therefore have to use more per kilometre than petrol. However, the lower pump price of Autogas - currently about a dollar a litre below standard unleaded petrol - much more than compensates. Its light, low carbon structure gives it the added benefit of lower greeenhouse gas emissions," said Australian LPG Warehouse co-director, Hilbert Klaster.

Mr Klaster said his European-developed liquid-injection system, called JTG (Just Think Green), is rapidly closing the fuel consumption gap.

"It depends on the car, but our trials of the JTG system have consistently achieved Autogas consumption of around 10 per cent less litres per kilometre than vapour injection LPG systems, and thus around only 10 to 15 per cent more litres per kilometre than petrol systems."

Mr Klaster said another key advantage of the JTG system was that it yielded significant engine power benefits.

"Being cooler than petrol, liquid gas provides more volumetric efficiency in the cylinder and a denser charge - and this fuller combustion translates into more power.

"For most vehicles it produces two to three more kilowatts of power, but much more is possible."

Australian LPG Warehouse has conducted some basic testing on a Ford Falcon XR6 Turbo and the result was an 18kW power increase, "straight off the cuff, without much tuning, so the performance potential is huge".

Australian LPG Warehouse already has kits for popular models, including the BA Ford Falcon and VE and VZ Holden Commodore. It is also targeting smaller capacity engine vehicles and has kits approved for the four-cylinder Toyota Camry and Corolla.

LPG Australia's industry development manager Phil Westlake said LPG liquid injection technology increased motorists' fuel savings over petrol - and that having Autogas' litres per 100km figures closer to those of petrol would simplify real-world direct comparisons between the two fuels.

"If a consumer can drive their vehicle with improved performance, similar fuel consumption, no maintenance or longevity penalty and save plenty of money, it's a revolutionary result for them and for the greater LPG industry."

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  • LPG Liquid Injection Technology now available says,
    7 years ago
  • trevor turner says,
    7 years ago
    question, im thinking of getting Holden VE sportwagon V6,vapour LPG is offerred but the OE fit doesnt impress me,

    is the alloytec 3.6L VE motor ok for Liquid injection LPG.
    Does the top end need some sort of lube system. I have heard the valve guides are an issue??
    If so which model is ok
  • The Insider says,
    7 years ago
    Yup Trevor, things are happening apace in LPG technologies.

    You'll get the answer you need from the AAFRB (it's the peak alternative fuels body and the full bottle on questions about the top end and valve guides when using LPG); address and contact details are:

    Level 5, 464 St Kilda Rd
    Melbourne VIC 3004
    Ph 03 9862 6700
    email: [email protected]

    Give them a yell.

    Interestingly, as an aside, there are now a lot of heavy haulage diesel trucks running around with their diesel injection systems being augmented by LPG (in very small quantities). Apparently it improves the burn, reduces emissions, helps keep the upper cylinders clean, and provides a power boost.

    We'll be hearing a lot more about LPG (and LNG for that matter) over the next few years. It makes a damn sight more sense than so-called bio-fuels like ethanol.

    Here in Australia we've got enough LPG and LNG to satisfy growth for the next fifty-plus years. At well under half the price of petrol (closer to a third), you'd reckon more of us would be weighing things up like you are, and making the jump.

    The Insider
  • Martin Giles says,
    7 years ago
    What about the price difference between the installation cost of Vapour systems and liquid systems?
    I believe that a sequential vapour system is about
    $4000 approx.
  • mal kennedy says,
    7 years ago
    I hope the people who perfected the LPG (liquid or vapour)are working on hydrogen on demand systems. The fuel is free and absolutely cleen
  • Peter Sen says,
    6 years ago
    To Mal Kennedy: Hydrogen on demand sounds good but I've emailed ebay sellers of these hydrogen things and they never answer me after I ask for a name and number of someone who has one working in their car, Sounds like a scam.
  • Peter says,
    6 years ago
    To Mal Kennedy: Hydrogen on demand sounds good but I've emailed ebay sellers of these hydrogen things and they never answer me after I ask for a name and number of someone who has one working in their car, that I can see with my own eyes. Sounds like a scam. I,m really impressed with the Philipino man ex nasa engineer fellow Daniel Dingel on you tube and he says he uses water only to start his car and run only on water now. It use to need petrol to start then hydrogen. You email him and you never hear from him. Sounds like a scam. I live in western sydney. Is there anyone out there that can get my 4 litre falcon to run on water only out there in alternative fuel land. my email is [email protected]
  • Jake says,
    6 years ago
    I would like to know how the xr8 performs with an LPG unit installed running on duel fuel. And what sort of milage I can expect on the new xr6 dedicated gas ute. Is there a dedicated xr8 gas ute?

    Jake Jacobsen
  • Richard says,
    6 years ago
    G'Day I was intrested in fitting one of the new liquid injection LPG kit on a VU SS commodore. What would this kit cost me and how much would I get back from government rebate? Also how many KM per tank would I acheive in normal driving? Would I really get a slight power increase? Please get back to me.

  • james says,
    6 years ago
    gday question i aint shore if it can be done or not but im curious i have a 1975 yamaha v90 2 stroke motorcycle now cause of its high co2 emissions it looks like it wont pass inspection now my question can it run on LPG?
  • malcolm moffat says,
    6 years ago
    1 like
    i have a 1971 holdeh hg kingswood fitted with a 5 litre v8 dual fuel carburettor engine . can the liquid injection gas system be fitted and what would the cost be and who can fit it in brisbane qld ??
  • barbyken says,
    4 years ago
    I have a 2.4 auto 2008 Kia Magentis - Kia says it can't be coverted but won't say why - they can't tell me the wheel offset neither - or perhaps won't for both - I then have read that Aus LPG Warehouse has converted a Magentis - therefore an approval exists somewhere - I know kits exist in Europe. I am encoraged to ask can I get converted to lpg liquid injection.
    Regards from Ken
  • peter says,
    4 years ago
    1 like
    hi im just wondering if you can put liquid injection on a dedicated gas ba falcon sedan??? every place i ask never reply back. thanks peter
  • CAZZO says,
    2 years ago
    The anwser is Balkan-Power laugh
  • Mick says,
    1 year ago
    I have a LS2 6lt in a HQ and need a lpg system for it. Im a registered lpg fitter so I need price on suitable kit or different kits.

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