2015 Skoda Octavia Scout: August For Europe, Australia Next Year

Mike Stevens | Jul 10, 2014

Skoda’s new Octavia Scout crossover will hit European showrooms in August, the company has confirmed.

Unveiled at March’s Geneva Motor Show, the new Scout again joins the Octavia range as a jacked-up SUV companion to the regular wagon model.

As with its predecessor, the new Octavia Scout gets taller suspension, rugged body cladding and new bumpers at both ends, and unique interior trim features.

The new Scout sits 33mm higher than the regular Octavia wagon, which, combined with all-wheel-drive, makes it a candidate for light off-road work.

In the cabin, there’s classic black or black/brown trim options, and - like the Octavia Combi wagon - rear storage is listed at 610 litres seats up and 1740 litres when folded flat.

Engine options will include a pair of diesel units and one petrol engine, including a 110kW 2.0 litre TDI and 132kW 1.8 litre TSI engine.

Scout buyers will also have the option of a 135kW 2.0 TDI diesel combined with a six-speed DSG auto - the first time this combination has appeared in a Skoda.


In Australia, we can likely expect the Scout to be offered with a diesel engine only, matched with the Volkswagen Group’s DSG dual-clutch auto.

Exact launch timing is still to be confirmed, although Skoda Australia has confirmed a 2015 debut.

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  • CP says,
    5 months ago
    Love the pic of it towing the caravan but I fear just like the Rav4 Diesel, Aussies will get dudded on the tow rating.
  • hammer
    Hammer says,
    4 months ago
    Goodbye Subaru Outback....Hello Skoda Octavia Scout
    • Balthazaaaaaargh says,
      4 months ago
      I gather the size difference doesn't bother you....
  • donk1 says,
    4 months ago
    1 like
    The last model was a ripper, & if reports are correct, we will get the 135 kw with 380 nm with the 6 spd DSG box. This is the same drive train as the Octavia RS 135 Tdi. Skoda Aust BRING IT IN!
    • pe88lz says,
      4 months ago
      1 like
      I really hope we get the petrol instead of the diesel to help increase sales...
  • Darren says,
    4 months ago
    Petrol and diesel, manual and DSG for both flavours. That would help sales nicely.
  • donk1 says,
    4 months ago
    1 like
    Diesel sales eclipse petrol sales by around 3 to 1 in this vehicle segment. Many imported/distributors here won't consider petrols . Vehicle dealers here have increased their sales dramatically with the addition of several diesels added to their ranges as people want far more efficient vehicles. Even the best petrol engines now available still come nowhere close to their claimed fuel usage. Even in the Ute segment , there are very few petrols available &,generally most people shied away from Petrol,some were dropped completely & others that have to be ordered if that's what you want. Diesels are a far more efficient option in most vehicles sold here. It's still people's perception of noise , smoke, reliability etc. You compare a current model diesel vehicle with a current petrol, and you will have a job to tell the difference between the 2. I know which I'd go for & it won't be the petrol!
  • Declan says,
    4 months ago
    1 like
    Agree with donk1.
    Love the torquey diesel in my present Peugeot.
    Unlikely to go back to petrol.
    Seriously looking at a new Scout but hope I can get a manual gearbox. Don't really want to get a Subaru Outback which does have a Diesel manual version
    • Rob says,
      3 months ago
      I was hoping for a Sept 2014 introduction in Australia and was after the small diesel with a manual gearbox.

      If it's true that it will only come as DSG it's off my shortlist now: firstly I like to drive a manual and secondly I'm not going to pay for auto.

      Only in 2015 mad