Bathurst: $5 Million For Second Mt Panorama Circuit, 12-Hour TV News

Trevor Collett | Jun 18, 2014

Bathurst will be among the beneficiaries of this week’s New South Wales state budget, with $5 million allocated to the long-rumoured ‘second circuit’ at Mount Panorama.

Keen to capitalise on its popularity within the motor racing community, Bathurst City Council has been considering a second, more ‘permanent’ circuit for some time.

The Council hopes to attract race meetings to the town outside of the current well-established events, while a second circuit would also serve as an attraction to car clubs and media outlets.

Motorcycle racing has been missing from Mount Panorama’s calendar for some time, with the modern concrete-lined circuit deemed unsafe for bikes.

The Council has already made its intentions clear that attracting motorcycles and more ‘open-wheeler’ racing to Bathurst is part of its wider plan for the second circuit.

State Member for Bathurst, Paul Toole, said he is now determined to see that the second circuit becomes a reality.

“As the local member, I want it put on the record that I intend to drive this project to ensure it does not falter,” Mr Toole said, speaking with Fairfax.

“The $5 million in the budget is a great way to get the ball rolling. This means the second track is no longer a pipe dream; it’s going to happen. I look forward to working with council to do the planning and get started on the construction of this initiative.”

Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex
Shoalhaven Motorsport Complex

Depending on the scale of the proposed circuit at Mount Panorama, it may find itself ‘competing’ for business with new circuits currently earmarked for the Central Coast and Shoalhaven districts, along with Luddenham Raceway in Sydney, where construction has already commenced.

Bathurst 12-Hour News

Organisers of the 2015 Bathurst 12-Hour have announced the event will be broadcast in its entirety on free-to-air television in Australia, with the 7 Network promising ‘lights-to-flag’ coverage.

As a result, the start time for next year’s race has moved back to 05:55, to ensure the race finishes five minutes before 7’s primary evening news bulletin begins, 12 hours later.

Bathurst City Council appointed local firm the Western Research Institute to compile a report on the 2014 12-Hour to determine the event's economic benefit.

The report was released this week, finding the event contributes $6.37 million to the NSW Central West economy, of which $5.9 million was generated in Bathurst.

The 12-Hour created almost 30 full time equivalent jobs for Bathurst, and 61 for NSW.

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  • CP says,
    1 year ago
    It's encouraging that there are quite a few tracks going in around the Sydney area. I hope they all offer an affordable Wakefield Park style setup for drive days for the common man though.
  • Jack says,
    1 year ago
    How many circuits do we need ? Motorcycles used to race at mount panorama too dangerous. Rubbish. Isle of Man TT is where real road racing takes place
    • CP says,
      1 year ago
      1 like
      Isle of Man is one hell of an event but I doubt very much in this day and age we would be allowing something to start up where a participant death was almost inevitable. Insurance is the very reason we have so little opportunities for track days. Wakefield is about the only the user friendly track in NSW for rank amateurs like myself to play on and hopefully return with all limbs and a car. Eastern Creek is not quote as safe and generally only the shorter track is available.
  • cyclone says,
    1 year ago
    For the money that gets poured into Bathurst, you'd think the council and nsw govt would spend some on the facilities at mt panorama... They are well below the standard they should be... Toilet blocks at local football ovals are better setup than the ones there
  • The Clicker says,
    7 months ago
    Great news about the new circuit for Bathurst and other areas in NSW. I remember the circuit at Oran Park in the 60's and young people could get a cams licence and go out to this great circuit and participate in club days. A lot of us got involved in this and it was fantastic for us to get the fast driving bug out of our systems without risking our own and maybe somebody else's life. This was a great thing and I believe there should be a greater emphasis on enticing young, new drivers to these tracks to teach them to drive to survive. I firmly believe this is why I have Never had a speeding fine and I have driven millions of kilometres on public roads but got rid of that urge to speed in wrong places by getting some proper instruction and practice on the circuit. Back then it cost us $10 a day for 30 minute intervals between bikes and cars and was a day well spent.
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