Honda HR-V Confirmed For Australia: Official

Mike Stevens | Apr 22, 2014

Honda has confirmed that its all-new compact SUV will resurrect the ‘HR-V’ name when it hits Australia in early 2015.

Revealed late last year as the ‘Vezel’ for the Japanese market, the new SUV was again showcased in New York last week: this time as the HR-V.

The HR-V name was last seen in Australia in 2001, when it starred in the Honda range as a ‘Low Emission Vehicle’, thanks to its compliance with strict new standards.

That model was powered by a 77kW 1.6 litre petrol engine, but the new HR-V can be had internationally with an 87kW 1.5 petrol unit and a 100kW petrol-electric hybrid system.

And while Australian specifications are still to be confirmed, local Honda boss Stephen Collins told TMR earlier this year that he expects the HR-V to become a core model in the brand’s local line-up.

"I think with that market growing to maybe medium-SUV type levels and offering both petrol and diesel, I think it will be a core car,” he said.

Can the HR-V become the company’s top seller in Australia, however? "It would be a big call to say it would outsell Civic but you never know,” Collins said.

The new HR-V is scheduled to arrive early next year, taking on the likes of the Peugeot 2008, Renault Captur, Ford Ecosport and Holden Trax.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but expect the range to span the $20,000-30,000 bracket.

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  • chill pill says,
    1 year ago
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    nice, a bit generic but nice
  • matt says,
    1 year ago
    wow.... the passanger is going to freeze
  • FrugalOne says,
    1 year ago
    Made in Thailand [barfine] and although kick off under $30k, will be one of the most expensive in the compact SUV segment, standby for a flood of other brands to enter this segment, its over 1 million units a year and growing fast

    Next will be a BIG.T[tm.F/0]RAV, maybe call it RAV2?
  • Jonothan says,
    1 year ago
  • Urban Slime says,
    1 year ago
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    I just can't warm to Hondas new styling direction, heavy body creases and odd proportions are a blight on the new Jazz, City, Oddy and now this. I also would steer clear of a CVT auto unless the manufacturer had the balls to offer a transferable 10 year drivetrain warranty.
  • Yiannis Danatzis says,
    1 year ago
    Subcompact SUVs are now popular, at least offer one with a high quality Honda badge.