Kia Launches New Seven-Speed Dual Clutch Automatic Transmission

Trevor Collett | Mar 4, 2014

Kia has added another notch to its belt - and another nail in the coffin of the manual gearbox - with the launch of a new seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission.

The new transmission – dubbed ‘DCT’ by Kia - will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, before debuting in production models from 2015.

Kia first floated the idea of a DCT around a year ago, saying it would develop the new transmission over the next 12 months.

The Korean carmaker says the new DCT, which is the first transmission of its type from Kia, will improve fuel efficiency and acceleration in future models.

“The DCT is made up of two dry clutches, each fitted with an electric motor-driven clutch actuator to improve fuel economy, and a pair of gear input shafts, one each for the odd and even gear ratios,” Kia said in a statement.

“This set-up enables the DCT to operate sequentially or to jump immediately to any of its seven forward gears (and reverse) depending on the driver’s requirements.”

The DCT will replace the six-speed automatic available as an option on the majority of current models, although it remains to be seen which manual options (if any) will be deleted as a result.

Engineers targeted a seven percent improvement in fuel economy, and a five percent improvement in acceleration over the existing six-speed auto during the development phase.

The new seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission will be available in Kia products from 2015, but Kia isn’t saying for now which models will be the first to get the DCT.

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  • MattJelonek
    MattJ says,
    2 years ago
    I wonder if the Koreans will get it right compared to the Germans with their DSG.... Koreans will build it cheaper... would it be of better quality?... though Korean... but also will it be more reliable? Did I make sense...rolleyes
    • Mark Sanders says,
      2 years ago
      The Germans?? Perhaps MattJ is referring to VW. Having owned and driven a Porsche PDK for some time the transmission performs perfectly -and reliability? …. it is a Porsche.

      Although Porsche and Audi have been using DSG transmissions since the mid 1980's in various racing sports cars and rally cars (in the case of Audi), VW is the company who have really commercialised the transmission on the production line and built them in the millions for over 10 years (even though the original design was developed by Borg-Warner and made under licence by VW.

      The thing that really bothers me is hat VW must have been well aware of reliability issues even in the mid 2000's and the somehow managed to bury/deny the problems until the past couple of years.

      DSG's are not inherently fragile - they are much better able to handle big power than CVT's. As an owner of a 2013 VW with a DSG transmission, it would be comforting to know when VW really addressed the problem. We have seen how well VW can stick its head in the sand. They do now have a 5 year transmission warranty so you can be sure the problem is fixed - but as far as the public is concerned, …. what problem?

      It would be wise for the Koreans not to be so arrogant.

  • Dobmit says,
    2 years ago
    1 like
    Would not touch it with a 10 foot pole. Considering how much trouble German makers had with dual clutch transmissions over many years - and how Korean cars even struggle to copy and implement Japanese technology - forget about it...
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