2014 Ford Ranger Gets ANCAP-approved Bull-Bar

Mike Stevens | Feb 20, 2014

Ford has lifted the appeal of its ‘PX’ Ranger pickup with the addition of a new $2107 heavy-duty steel bull-bar for 2014.

Joining the alloy bull-bar already available, Ford says its tough new Australian-developed and engineered steel bar was developed to meet the needs of the mining industry.

To boost the bar’s credentials, Ford has worked to ensure that 5-Star ANCAP rated Ranger models are unaffected by installing the new ADR-compliant accessory.

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The company says it has had significant feedback from customers both commercial and private on the potential for a more heavy-duty offering.

“We designed the heavy duty bull-bar for the harsh environments experienced in the mining industry but some of our more adventurous private customers put their Rangers through worse every weekend,” Ford Australia’s David Katic said.

The grey powder-coated bar integrates with the Ranger’s safety systems, and also features a lower splash shield to prevent water making its way into the engine bay.

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  • PX Ranger Heavy Duty Steel Bull Bar - $2107 (fitted)
  • PX Ranger Alloy Bull Bar - $3300 (fitted)

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  • Doctor says,
    12 months ago
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    $2,107 plus installation (I'm guessing)... what a snip!
    • Balthazaaaaargh says,
      12 months ago
      Says "fitted" right next to the price...
      • Doctor says,
        12 months ago
        I didn't read the caption - just the main text.
        • Mike Stevens
          Mike Stevens [TMR] says,
          12 months ago
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          Sorry Doc, we try to keep the main article nicely streamlined when possible. We figure if someone's in the market for the product (and not just having a gander), they'll look closely!


  • Dr. Know says,
    11 months ago
    With a bull-bar comes responsibility