New Mazda MX-5 Roadster Rendered

Mike Stevens | Jan 21, 2014


Mazda's next-generation MX-5 roadster is surely one of the motoring world's most hotly anticipated new models.

But, despite offering a number of key details, the carmaker has yet to reveal a single glimpse of what's to come - and discerning any real styling cues in recent spy photos has been equally fruitless.

Yes, Mazda has its next sportster firmly under wraps, but that hasn't stopped talented artists from drawing on the brand's current styling to conjure up their own visions of the new MX-5.

This latest imagineering, created by Hungarian designer 'X-Tomi', offers a compelling look at what Mazda may have in store for its fans.

Starting with the new Jaguar F-TYPE roadster, X-Tomi has pulled out the digital welder to add the face of Mazda's new 6 sedan - along with some small tweaks to the lights at both ends.

Perhaps, though, this design represents more of a convertible Mazda6 than a faithful interpretation of the MX-5's heritage.

Mazda has assured fans that the roadster will be lighter and smaller than the current model, and this rendering suggests little of either.

Still, we can imagine worse than a sleek '6 convertible' sitting alongside the future MX-5 in Mazda showrooms.


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  • Chest Rockjaw says,
    2 years ago
    Too expensive in Oz. I'm surprised Mazda sell any at all now that the 86/BRZ and Veloster are on the scene.
    • pro346 says,
      2 years ago
      veloster isn't a competitor its a front wheel drive hatchback!biggrin
  • Henry says,
    2 years ago
    paint it pink and call it barbie
    • matt says,
      2 years ago
      paint it black and call it .. mine.biggrin
  • Nightshader says,
    2 years ago
    Looks loads better than the current one.
    Agreed re the pricing though
  • BH says,
    2 years ago
    1 like
    the only credible roaster!.. come on you're meant to be car people. Everyone loves the Miata
  • 5valvepercylinder
    5 valve per cylinder says,
    2 years ago
    1 like
    That CGI rendering I simply believe won't be even near as close to what Mazda/Alfa Romeo have in mind.

    It's a cheap paste-up/photoshop job.

    Mazda and Alfa Romeo I think would have their own individual looks but have near or/as close as possible dimensions and engine spec but different transmission options and suspension package that fits their customers.

    Also think with MX5's association with Alfa, the price would still be in the expensive bracket.
  • Mott says,
    2 years ago
    1 like
    Looks a damn sight better looking than the current one but Mazda will probably stay closer to the current/original design with the new Mazda nose on it. Lighter and smaller can only be a good thing though

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