Lexus LF-LC Still In The Wings: Report

Mike Stevens | Dec 11, 2013

We haven't seen the last of last year's sleek Lexus LF-LC concept, if an interview with Britain's Autocar this week is anything to go by.

Speaking with the magazine, Lexus engineer Haruhiko Tanahashi - a top member of the team behind the LFA supercar - said he has high hopes for the LF-LC's future as a production model.

"I have the expectation that the car will be launched," Tanahashi-san said. "I personally hope the LF-LC will be built. I think most of Lexus's concept cars have been turned into production cars."

Lexus executive Mark Templin also spoke with the magazine, adding that Lexus is planning a number of top 'F' models, including a car "like the LFA" as the line-up's flagship.

While that sounds an awful lot like the LF-LC, Templin was quick to add: "that doesn't mean we have something on the drawing board".

These latest comments come as just the latest hint at a possible showroom debut for the LF-LC, although there have been conflicting reports as to whether it would debut as a top-shelf supercar, or a more affordable sports coupe.

But, with the new IS-based RC coupe now revealed and confirmed for production, it is likely that Lexus would move the LF-LC into the flagship realm, with more power, greater exclusivity, and a higher price tag.

But, like the various concepts that grew into the limited-edition LFA, the LF-LC would undoubtedly go through its own transformation before hitting showrooms.

Full specifications for the LF-LC concept were never revealed, except that there is a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain inside, producing upwards of 370kW.

When would we see the LF-LC - or whatever Lexus is planning at that end of the range - in showrooms? Likely not until later this decade, so if you've been holding out... perhaps check out a Ferrari instead.

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