2014 Subaru WRX Revealed: Photos, Features And Specs For New Performer

Mike Stevens | Nov 21, 2013


At last. Subaru's all-new WRX performance sedan, the subject of months of reports, rumours and spy photos, has finally made its global debut at this week's LA Auto Show.

There's little left to know about the new sports car however; leaked images and details have given up many of the WRX's key details over the past week.

As reported here earlier, the new WRX is driven by a turbocharged and direct-injected 2.0 litre four-cylinder boxer engine, producing 199kW (at 5600rpm) and 349Nm of torque (2000-5200rpm).

A six-speed manual transmission is standard - replacing the five-speed shifter in the old model - offering wider gear ratios to keep engine speeds lower.

Buyers opting for an auto will get a CVT unit rather than a dual-clutch or conventional single-clutch system, but eight programmed and paddle-shifted 'gears' will offer a faux-manual experience.

The new WRX is again an all-wheeel-drive affair, although there is now two different systems depending on the transmission choice.

In manual form, Subaru's permanent symmetrical all-wheel-drive remains the key feature, with a viscous coupling locking centre differential distributing torque 50:50 front to rear.

There is however a new torque-vectoring system, delivering improvements to handling and cornering speeds.

Go for the auto model and there's a new system with variable torque distribution, with a rear-biased 45:55 ratio.

A planetary gear-type center differential and an electronically controlled hydraulic transfer clutch control torque distribution between the front and rear wheels.

Subaru says the system continually tweaks torque distribution based on steering wheel angle, yaw and lateral g-force sensors.

The new WRX also benefits from a stiffer chassis, thanks largely to greater use of high-tensile strength steel and special stiffening elements throughout the body.

Suspension is by MacPherson struts up front and a double wishbone arrangement at the rear, and there's thick stabiliser bars at both ends. A new electric power steering system is also featured.

There's 17-inch alloy wheels as standard - wrapped in 235/45 Dunlop SP Sport Maxx RT tyres. Subaru has not described a larger wheel option.

The new WRX measures 4595mm long, 1795mm wide and 1465mm tall, riding on a 2650mm wheelbase. The base of the A-pillar has also been extended forward 200mm.

Inside, the 2014 WRX promises a significant leap in fit and material quality, building on the improvements made with the new Impreza range.

Subaru promises a more spacious cabin, with rear passengers picking up an extra 50mm of leg room.

Boot space has grown (numbers not offered however), and there's a wide load-through space with 60:40 split-folding rear seats.

Features will include a flat-bottomed sports steering wheel with tilt and reach adjustability, sports seats, automatic climate control, two LCD display screens, satellite navigation, Bluetooth/USB/iPhone connectivity, and Harmon Kardon audio with nine speakers.


The new WRX will make its Australian debut in March, with pricing and specs to be confirmed closer to launch.

"I have driven the new car and I am confident it will not disappoint fans. I won't go into details today, but I also know that the changes and features in the new model will also win over new buyers," Subaru Australia boss Nick Senior told TMR in October.

"We don't want to 'dumb down' its performance edge. It will impress the fans."

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  • juice08 says,
    5 months ago
    1 like
    Can't tell if it's growing on me or the cgi is getting better. Seems like it won't be 'the fastest wrx yet'either. *sigh*
    • Nathan says,
      5 months ago
      Stiffer body, stiffer springs, torque vectoring, earlier boost and less weight. How can this not be the fastest?!
      • juice08 says,
        5 months ago
        Nate I guess you are technically right. To quote TMR:

        Subaru says the new WRX will hit 100km/h in 5.4 seconds for the manual version - more or less matching the outgoing model - while the auto will get there in 5.9 seconds.

        Thought I read somewhere that that was actually slower than the outgoing model.
  • Marc Vidal says,
    5 months ago
    its growing on me too it has its angles and it doesn't but i think thats fine because previous wrx were the same at first, oh well time for taillight overlays (typical subaru)
  • DC says,
    5 months ago
    Front looks ok but alas the rear does not flow through with the look of the car.

    Kudos for Subaru instilling the concept features in this model. It may transform in the future, let's hope.
  • Nathan says,
    5 months ago
    Improved handling, interior quality, fuel economy and earlier boost.
    • Sam says,
      5 months ago
      Sign me up then Mr Dealer.
  • bts says,
    5 months ago
    Looks great! Now gives us the Aus specs and price!
  • Greatpathisnopath says,
    5 months ago
    I think it looks ok, probably best looking model since the original - looks small again, should handle well.

    Everyone hated bugeye and blobeye and pigface 1st up, nothing a slammed suspension and some 19' rims don't fix.

    Might be time to upgrade my 2000 model gc8 - 250kw atw will be missed... but not the noisy, shaky cold starts.
    • Sam says,
      5 months ago
      Some would argue the worst thing about an MY00 is exactly what you've done. Horses for courses I guess.
      • Greatpathisnopath says,
        5 months ago
        Haters gonna hate. Keeps the v8 family taxi's in their place and shows up just about anything else that wants to have a go, all for $20k.bleh
  • Scott says,
    5 months ago
    Love the steering wheel
  • Pawz says,
    5 months ago
    My passion for the product will probably result in me liking it in the months ahead. It still has an external look the implies the designers all work on their piece independently and then the project is glued together. Typical Subaru.
    Bring on the AUS spec for final judgement.
  • Md says,
    5 months ago
    Hopefully drive will be good
  • Simon says,
    5 months ago
    1 like
    Another Subaru design disaster, concept to final design it always changes but this looks nothing like it, not enough power and it runs in 17's, my wife's family car runs on 18's , grill looks like the my03 , this is the my01 bug eye all over again, I think the current model is a better looking car.
  • Obyone says,
    5 months ago
    Hope it looks better in the flesh!
  • Jonty says,
    5 months ago
    1 like
    Better interior and the 6 speed manual will go a long way. It's rigidity will be the key really, speed through the twisty bits. Can never really tell from a few press photos how it will look in the flesh. Good to have a new Rex.
  • Lindsay says,
    5 months ago
    That red one in the third image looks like it's understeering.
  • Jared says,
    5 months ago
    bigger brakes, torque vectoring, only 30kg heavier than previous model, stiffer suspension, better rubber, cvt/6speed manual, 50% stronger chasis, 2000 rpm peak torque, apparently pulls to 6700..

    better fuel economy, 2l engine again fa20 turbo with toyotas direct injection...
    way better interior!

    looks like a good car and faster than the previous wrx's even though the previous ones handled & accelerated rapidly, especially when the td04 was retired.

    I wonder what the STi will be like, big brembos, strong drive line.... hopefully it gets 240kw or so to justify the extra $20,000 of getting the STi as well as even improved handling
  • JamesG says,
    5 months ago
    Whaaa...this WRX puts out less torque than the 2.0L EcoBoost in the Falcon?! What gives Subaru?! At least it looks decent on the outside. The interior is only okay.