2014 Nissan GT-R: Features And Specs For Updated Godzilla

Trevor Collett | Nov 20, 2013

It's time for the annual update to Nissan's GT-R hero coupe, bringing subtle styling, suspension and interior changes.

Along with the GT-R Nismo hero car unveiled yesterday, the standard 2014 GT-R is on display at this week’s Tokyo Motor Show.

While power and performance figures appear to be unchanged, Nissan says the new GT-R now offers an improved ride and better road-holding.

The GT-R's suspension has been tweaked to reduce load fluctuation between the four wheels, giving the car more ‘consistent’ grip, while the steering now requires fewer small corrections during highway driving.

Braking has also been adjusted, with a focus on improving the GT-R’s braking-feel during normal everyday driving.

The new GT-R has also changed tyres for 2014, with the chosen Dunlop compound offering stiffer sidewalls.

Most of the exterior changes focus on lights, with the GT-R now sporting new high-intensity, multi-LED headlights that create a distinctive ‘lightning’ motif.

The lightning bolt illuminates when the driver engages the ignition, with Nissan calling it “a dramatic start-up procedure”.

The new headlights feature the Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) that automatically adjusts the angle of the light beam according to the car's speed.

An additional paint finish will be available on the 2014 GT-R, called ‘gold flake red pearl’.

Inside, Nissan says it has stepped-up interior fit and finish while adding a new pale ivory trim option.

The 2014 Nissan GT-R goes on sale in Japan on December 2 with pricing still to be confirmed, while distribution to other markets will begin next year.

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  • Chest Rockjaw says,
    5 months ago
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    A performance tour de force. Shame it looks so ordinary.
    • CP says,
      5 months ago
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      Can't wait til the Bathurst 12hr. Should rattle it.
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