2014 Nissan GT-R Nismo: GT3-Inspired Hero Revealed In Japan

Mike Stevens | Nov 19, 2013


UPDATE: 7:08.69 Nurburgring lap time confirmed. Video added.

Nissan's new GT-R Nismo is now out in the open, officially this time, after images and information surfaced earlier today - and painted a detailed picture of what to expect.

As expected, power has taken a significant leap, jumping from 404 to 441kW and 628 to 650Nm - thanks in part to larger new high-flow turbochargers inspired by the GT-R GT3 race car.

Nismo has also given the engine a going-over, optimising ignition timing for each of the six cylinders, and improving fuel pump combustion.

Under and around all of that, you'll find new springs and specially developed Bilstein DampTronic dampers at both ends. Three suspension settings are offered with the GT-R Nismo: Comfort, Normal and, for track application, R mode.

There's a larger 17.3mm hollow rear anti-roll bar for improved stiffness while keeping weight down, while the double-wishbone suspension at the front gets new links with an increased castor trail for better performance in high-G work.

The list goes on; there's even large high-ridigity bolts for increased stiffness of the wheel-hub attachment area.

The GT-R Nismo's body also gets new bondings and spot welding for greater rigidity and suspension response under load.

One glance at the GT-R Nismo reveals a number of key exterior changes too, with a carbon fibre rear wing, and wider - but tapered - bumpers.

These tweaks, Nismo says, have worked to bring the GT-R's coefficient of drag down to a slippery 0.27.

Nismo's six-spoke wheels sit at each corner, wrapped in 255/40 ZRF20 front and 285/35 ZRF20 rear tyres, developed specially by Dunlop.

Nurburgring Lap Record

Nissan has also today confirmed that its GT-R Nismo has recorded a Nurburgring lap time of 7:08.69.

That time makes the GT-R Nismo quicker than a long list of supercars, and drops it just 11 seconds behind Porsche's 918 Spyder hypercar.

The model that made that lap was fitted with an optional Track pack however, which reportedly cuts weight by around 65kg, tightens the chassis and adds manually adjustable Öhlins dampers.

The pack also gets new carbon-fibre components and fixed racing seats.


International sales of the GT-R Nismo will begin in early 2014, although Australian timing is still to be confirmed. Pricing has also yet to be revealed.

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  • CAZZO says,
    5 months ago
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    I want the first figure at the Nurg, to be 6.xxs

    Very close now, next update may well do it, a few more GG's and its job done

    STILL a poor seller, they would rather pay more and buy a entry/base Porsche 911
  • JPM says,
    5 months ago
    Z Tune?
  • BH says,
    5 months ago
    reading reports of 0-100km/h of 2.0sec. Any confirmation on that??