Mike Stevens | Jul 12, 2008

A bevy, or at least a slew, of marketing images for the Kia Forte have been found online—but all the copy is in Korean.

Judging by the images—it’s certainly a looker—Kia may have a top seller on its hands here; so long as the build and drive quality is on par with the aesthetics and feature list—which, if I’ve read the Korean correctly—outshines even the venerable new Mitsubishi Lancer’s list.

The Forte comes with alloy wheels (of course), side-mirror indicators, Bluetooth connectivity, nifty red lights on the transmission tunnel (and a sequential sports shift), a sports exhaust, a huge dial in the middle of the instrument binnacle and some sort of fangled rear-view-mirror technology (oh yes, and what looks like a fountain that sprays blue water out of the top of the dash).

Also featured is the increasingly-trendy Engine Start/Stop button in the dash, as well as a fob-style smart key. The gauge cluster brings a sporty style to the interior, using an RX8-like layout.


An in-dash GPS navigation system appears to be an option, and will presumably also play Pirates of the Caribbean if you happen to have it on disc (and who doesn’t?).

The Vehicle Dynamic Control appears to be an in-built drifting system, allowing you to pull mad sustained powerslides at your leisure (but my Korean may be letting me down there). Also included as an option is what appears to be a force-field projector in the rear bumper, though it’s probably just a set of reversing sensors. Which is fine, of course.


America’s NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has given the car a high score on its crash and safety testing, which is an important selling point these days.

There’s a tasty range of body colours to choose from, and they all seem to complement the Forte’s styling rather nicely.

Can we expect to see this feature list in the Australian version of the Forte? If Kia wants to make the right impact, it’d sure as shackles be the smart thing to do.

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