Google Files Patent Application For Gesture-Based Car Controls

TMR Team | Oct 8, 2013

Internet giant Google is working to move in-car hand gestures away from the realm of road-rage, and further towards enhancing control over the vehicle's interior systems.

Details of a new technology patent application have surfaced this week, outlining plans for a system that will allow motorists to activate and control various functions with a Jedi-like wave of the hand.

The news follows an announcement that Google has acquired motion-control company Flutter - but until now, it was believed the purchase was intended to boost Google's online business.

The patent filing describes a motion-sensing system that utilises a high-mounted camera and a laser scanner, constantly monitoring for recognised gesture commands.

It's unclear how Google intends to implement the technology, although applications could include controlling on-screen functions - entertainment, maps, air-conditioning and vehicle settings - right through to activating the powered windows or the window wipers.

The company has yet to announce plans for manufacturer partnerships or a production schedule, but with Apple pushing its Siri Eyes Free system, Google is likely eager to make in-roads in the automotive sector.

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  • Doctor says,
    2 years ago
    This won't work in Italy. Can you imagine a driver telling his/her passeger that so-and-so is a bigamist?
    And on comes the fog lights....
    • Smart us says,
      2 years ago
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      exactly wink or you open a roof on a wet day