Toyota's Next Chairman Wants A New Supra Hero Model: Report

TMR Team | Jun 13, 2013

The push for a successor to Toyota's long-gone Supra coupe may have gained another supporter, according to reports out of Japan this week.

It's no secret that Toyota boss Akio Toyoda, the driving force behind approval for the new 86 entry-level sports coupe, is eager to add a new hero model to the company's line-up.

Now, incoming chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada is reportedly adding new weight to Toyoda's mission.

Speaking at a Keidanren business conference in Japan this week, Uchiyamada told business paper Bloomberg: "That's what I want, but it's not me who makes the decision".

For long-time fans of Toyota's sports range - including the Supra, Celica, MR2, and early Corolla offerings, this latest report lends credence to new executive support for a reborn sports program.

The report also follows news that Toyota and BMW have confirmed the joint development of a new top-tier sports platform, potentially hinting at the next Z4 coupe and a new Supra-level model.

The Supra has been absent from Toyota's family for more than a decade, but 2007's FT-HS hybrid concept - and no shortage of speculation in the years since - have kept the rumour mill churning.

A new high-powered Toyota sports hero could still be some time away however, with reports in recent months suggesting a 2017 date may be the earliest we'll see such a model.

Above: A next-generation Supra, imagined by BullFinch studios.
Above: A next-generation Supra, imagined by BullFinch studios.

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