Steane Klose | Jul 7, 2008

Bugatti CEO, Franz-Josef Paefgen in an interview with AutoTelegraaf has revealed that the Veyron will be replaced with a new model sometime around 2011-12. Which is news in its own right but even moreso when you consider that Bugatti will not be backing off the pace – the Veyron’s replacement will be just as formidable as the original.

In a world with ever tightening emissions regulations and fuel efficiency requirements the Bugatti engineers will somehow continue to the keep the Veyron replacement out in front of the supercar pack.

The replacement for the Veyron is said to follow the same overall theme as the current car, so expect in excess of 1,000hp, four turbo-chargers and a W16 engine. Possibly the only criticism leveled at the Veyron was its ability on a race track. Straight-line speed was never an issue but the twisty bits are said to slow it down, although ‘slow’ in this context is a relative term. Not so for the reported replacement, with Bugatti believed to be keen to re-establish a racing pedigree through a racing program involving the Veyron Mk II or whatever it is that they plan to call it.

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