New Holden VF Commodore Range To Benefit From Big Price Cuts

TMR Team | May 7, 2013


Holden's new 2014 Commodore range will make its case in a struggling large-car market not only with new looks and new technology, but also with a range of significant price cuts.

Revealed through a broken press embargo on the back of a national Holden dealer conference, details of the new Commodore's range and pricing have come to light.

The 2014 VF Commodore line-up will kick off with a new Evoke model priced at $34,990, around $5000 less than the Omega and Berlina models it replaces.

UPDATE - MAY 2013: Pricing and photos for the new VF Commodore have been released. Click here.

Even with the entry Evoke model, Holden will equip the new Commodore with a new Auto Park Assist system, which can autonomously steer the car into either a parallel or 90-degree parking spot.

Other standard features will include a reversing camera, driver’s knee airbag, electric parking brake and dual-zone climate-control.

The new SV6 sports model will enter at just $1000 more than the Evoke, with its $35,990 starting price also marking a major saving of around $7000.

And, while the V8 SS will start at $41,990, the hero SSV will be available from $45,490 - down from $55,290 in the current VE Series II range.

Similar savings can be found across the range, with the Calais V sedan also down by $9800 and the regular Calais down by $8300.

Sportwagon and Ute buyers won't be left out of the savings, with the SV6 wagon and ute models $5600 and $5500 cheaper respectively.

Special Redline models will again be offered, including new Sportwagon and Ute versions.

WATCH for more details to come - officially - later this week, and check the below links for all the information announced in recent months.

2013 VF Commodore pricing (plus on-road costs)

  • Evoke sedan (a) - $34,990 (-$5000)
SV6 sedan - $35,990 (-$6800)
SV6 sedan (a) - $38,190 (-$5600)
Calais sedan (a) - $39,990 (-$8300)
Calais V sedan (a) - $46,990 (-$9800)

  • Calais V V8 sedan(a) - $52,990 (-$9000)

  • SS sedan - $41,990 (-$5800)

  • SS sedan (a) $44,190 (-$5600)

  • SS-V sedan - $45,490 (-$9800)

  • SS-V sedan (a) - $47,690 (-$9600)
  • SS-V Redline sedan - $51,490 (-$5800)
SS-V Redline sedan (a) - $53,690 (-$5600)

  • Evoke Sportwagon (a) - $36,990 (-$5000)
  • SV6 Sportwagon (a) - $40,190 (-$5600)
  • SS Sportwagon (a) - $46,190 (-$3500)
  • SS-V Sportwagon (a) - $49,690 (-$7600)
  • SS-V Redline Sportwagon (a) - $55,690 (new)
  • Calais Sportwagon (a) - $41,990 (-$8300)
  • Calais V V6 Sportwagon (a) - $48,990 (-$9800)
  • Calais V V8 Sportwagon (a) - $54,990 (-$9000)
  • Evoke Ute (a) - $32,990 (-$2500)
  • SV6 Ute - $32,990 (-$5500)
  • SV6 Ute (a) - $35,190 (-$5500)
  • SS Ute - $38,990 (-$3500)
  • SS Ute (a) - $41,190 (-$3500)
  • SS-V Ute - $42,490 (-$5000)
  • SS-V Ute (a) - $44,690 (-$5000)
  • SS-V Redline Ute - $48,490 (new)
  • SS-V Redline Ute (a) - $50,690 (new)

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  • Balthazaaaaargh says,
    2 years ago
    1 like
    Sounds like it's going to be an appealing package. If I had any interest at all in a large car, I'd be looking at it very clsoely.

  • FrugalOne says,
    2 years ago
    1 like
    The Ute is still WELL OVER the odds, thousands and thousands over the superior Falcon workhorse sad

    FAIL! rolleyes
  • shaun forbes says,
    2 years ago
    so is the ssv red line color fantail orange a soild orange or is it metlic orange photos are very confusing as I am wanting to order one
    • sv8maniac says,
      2 years ago
      1 like
      Fantail orange is non-metallic. Looks very nice in person with dark tint and the chrome trim on ssv & redline options.
      • shaun forbes says,
        2 years ago
        thanks for that i went with my gut feeling and order a white and tonight i was on the net and reading the media sights by putting in vf colours and they say you can get candy orange metallic fantail i went as far as ordering paint from a paint shop and that was soild orange I WILL BE GUTTED IF THERE IS SUCH A COLOR
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