Trevor Collett | Apr 19, 2013

Lamborghini is reportedly planning a stripped out version of its Gallardo supercar as one last special-edition model before production comes to a close.

The 'Superleggera' badge will again adorn the vehicle, which will be stripped of creature comforts and offered in rear-wheel-drive only.

The model will reportedly be offered exclusively with Lamborghini’s iconic gated H-pattern manual transmission - a 'proper' manual.

A symbolic gesture? Surely. According to US website Road and Track, American sales of the paddle-shifted semi-automatic model have outstripped manual sales nine to one.

Traditional manual enthusiasts may wish to raid the piggy bank for a deposit on the final Gallardo, as it will almost certainly be the last traditional manual Lamborghini.

“We are in an era when customers demand technology and products that adapt to them,” said Michael Lock from Lamborghini America.

Speaking about the final version of the Gallardo, Mr Lock told the website: “It will be the least-gilded, back-to-basics stripped version.”

“It is the oldest supercar still standing, like a boxing champion,” said Mr Lock. “It is defying the normal supercar product cycle. Can you imagine if Ferrari were still trying to sell the 360 Modena?”

As for the Gallardo's replacement, it remains unclear what Santa'Agata is planning - although reports point to a lighter supercar and fewer variants.

More than a few names have been mooted, and the maker is known to have registered the trademark 'Deimos'.

For now, we wait. How long? Late this year or early in 2014 is where the good money is right now.


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