2013 Holden VF Commodore Sportwagon And Ute Revealed

TMR Team | Feb 19, 2013

Holden has pulled the wraps from its facelifted VF Ute and Sportwagon, just days after unveiling the overhauled sedan models.

Shown here in Calais V Sportwagon and Commodore SSV Ute form, the front-end styling of both mirrors their sedan counterparts.

But, as expected, both cars come with a lighter exterior update than the sedans; the rear-end styling of the current models carrying over into the 2013 VF models.

UPDATE - MAY 2013: Pricing and photos for the new VF Commodore have been released. Click here.

Full details for the Sportwagon and Ute models are still to be revealed, but it is likely that both will feature the same mechanical upgrades and redesigned cabins of the sedan.

Both will likely also pick up the sedan's new lightweight bonnet, and although Holden has yet to say, the tailgates of both may also have been lightened.

“We’ve put VF through its paces around the globe – from Sweden to North America to the Middle East, but the most critical testing is the thousands of evaluation kilometres we cover on local roads in Australia.

“Whether sedan, Sportwagon or Ute, the new VF is a car we can all be very proud of – it’s a truly great drive," Holden Chief Engineer Brett Vivian said of the new cars.

Stay tuned to TMR for further details on both cars as they come to hand.

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  • WillW says,
    3 years ago
    They could have at least put some effort into the rear of ute and wagon. Tail lights are basically the same as old model, and in fact, from the B pillar back they really haven't changed.
    Love the look of the new front though, especially on the SS.
  • 5valvepercylinder
    5 valve per cylinder says,
    3 years ago
    1 like
    Chevrolet I think has renewed their interest in reviving El Camino and ( Nomad ).. maybe.. just.. VF ute could be their ticket?
  • FrugalOne says,
    3 years ago


  • Gabriel says,
    3 years ago
    Uhhhh..... guess they ran out of money to design new rears for both the ute and the sportwagon....
  • Angela says,
    3 years ago
    The UTE is something unique alright. Not only is it orange, a color you never really see in car, but its like a car-truck hybrid. I think its pretty cool.
  • marchello says,
    3 years ago
    1 like
    awesome holden...lets make it look like a ford falcon and steel any half ***d design idea ford have had on design and put it in our new bogan box..it looks like crap..I hate how this stupid governmnet keeps supporting a company that cant stand on its own to feet in the motoring industry...stop subsidzing stupid bogan cars that are irrelvant....
    • Daniel says,
      3 years ago
      Before commenting on coinvestment you must first learn what it is, what other countries do and what it is used for and finally what economic benefits it brings.

      Finally you should try and put forward an opinion that says more then you like to stereotype people and that is a reason we should listen.
      • gary says,
        2 years ago
        Thx mate i was about to tear this idiotic uneducated so and so to pieces, cheers
  • Dan says,
    3 years ago
    to be honest I don't mind that they haven't changed the rear end for the VF ute. As a ute it doesn't need as much cosmetic changes as a sedan. Front end looks great and thats all that was needed for an update from the VE in my opinion!
  • Michael L says,
    3 years ago
    I like that the Sportwagon's basic shape is the same. I used to have one and I thought it was the best looking wagon on the road.
  • Jimbo says,
    2 years ago
    I tend to agree that the sport wagon is the best looking model in the range (ve) don't mind the vf sedan but have to get used to the Mazda 3 like tailights. Looking forward to see what hsv do, hopefully not daytime running lights and useless vents on every panel!
  • cameron says,
    2 years ago
    Same sh*t different front, think ill go for the XR6 Turbo kinda looks like the VF UTE.

    • Eric says,
      2 years ago
      I have a VE SV6 & have flogged it up & down dirt roads , through water over the bonnet , towed big trailers & it hasn't missed a beat . I'm gonna get a new SSV VF .
      PS : Fords look absolutely *** with that join between cab/tub ....I laugh every time I see one .
      • HA says,
        2 years ago
        HAHAHA, I laugh every time when someone has to replace their computer system in their Holden once a year and bust a push rod in their crappy Holden. So explain to me why Taxis, Insurance companies and private companies use Falcons? Maybe because these cars can reach half a million kilometres without any issues! Holden's have always been a Bogan's car and will always remain a Bogan car. HomoSexualVehicles have tons of issues with sticky throttle, transmission failure, computer failure, water in head lights and problems with seat moulds breaking. Falcons are better cars because they have German transmission, Jaguar diff, sexy exterior, super reliable, fast straight six cylinder engine that will last a life time, Over head cam in every model including the V8 GT's. So enjoy your Super s**t VF (Very F****d) European wannabe car because you will never have the financial or intelligence capacity to own a European car nor Falcon. bleh
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