Mike Stevens | Dec 25, 2012

The flow of 2013 Chevrolet Corvette details continues this week, with a series of new images purported to be official renderings appearing online.

These new computer-generated images were posted online by a member of the online community Corvette Forum.

Going by the name BlueOX, the user said that while he does not work for GM, sources within the carmaker have been sending him images and details for sometime.

"Why, I'm not sure. Until now, I have kept it all to myself. What you will ultimately see here is all I have and I cannot vouch for it's authenticity," the seemingly well-connected enthusiast said.

If these images are legitimate, they offer the most accurate look yet at Chevrolet's new muscle coupe, including a first undisguised look at its new back-end and tail-light design.

The renderings also show off the new 'Vette coupe's new headlights, flanking the brand-new LT1 V8 engine nestled tightly in the long engine bay.

GM has so far revealed that the 2013 Corvette's Gen5 LT1 V8 will produce at least 335kW and 610Nm, delivering a 0-100km/h time under 4.0 seconds.

These latest glimpses of the new Corvette follow a leaked service-manual illustration that surfaced last week, revealing the same front-end details featured here.

The new Corvette is expected to debut at January's Detroit Auto Show.

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