Peter Anderson | Dec 17, 2012

The original series Model A we told you about in September has been purchased by none other than Bill Ford Jr.

Bill Ford, old Henry's great-grandson, not only snapped up the red machine at auction, but has returned it to Detroit, its birthplace.

An official unveiling took place recently for Ford employees, and kicked off a year-long celebration of the company's founder and its achievements, in collaboration with MotorCities National Heritage and the Henry Ford Heritage Association.

The red Rear Entry Tonneau started life in 1903 when sold to an Iowa butter maker, Herbert McNary. The car stayed in the family through two Wold Wars until the 1950s, when it was sold for $400.

Chassis number thirty has passed through a few sometimes colourful hands, until the October auction at which it was snapped up for $264,000.

As one of only three left in the world, it was once purchased for an unbelievable $630,000.

The Model A was lavished with high praise in the August 1903 issue of Cycle and Automobile:

"When in motion there is a light purring of the gear to be heard if one listens for it; there is absolutely no vibration to be felt; the riding is perfectly smooth and agreeable.

"There will undoubtedly be advances in the art, but there will never be any wagon much more comfortable for its passengers than this Ford."

Thank goodness they were wrong.

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