Karl Peskett | Dec 7, 2012

Jaguar has declared it is on a mission to redefine itself as it works to combat waning sales and strong competition.

Speaking at the launch of the Jaguar XF 2.0 i4, brand manager Mark Eedle admitted it had been a tough few years for the British marque.

“After X-Type, our volumes went south; and it was a volume car,” Mr Eedle told TMR. “What we're doing now is building our brand back up in both volume and profit.”

“We're trying to redefine what the brand stands for,” he said. “Ten years ago we had a completely different model lineup. So we introduced the ‘Beautiful, fast cars’ design philosophy, starting with the XK, then XF, XJ and now F-TYPE.”

Mr Eedle said it was a “product-led recovery”. The cars now on offer represent what the brand stands for, with design, technology, dynamics and performance being the key elements in a revitalised Jaguar.

And next year will see the introduction of new halo models, with the XFR-S and F-TYPE hitting our shores mid-year.

Another key to success was getting the F-TYPE as close as possible to the C-X16 concept - and already a dozen orders have been taken in Australia.

“Delivering on the concept was extremely important to us. If you can't deliver that, people become quite disappointed. C-XF was a lesson for us, and now we've got it right.”

Mr Eedle admitted that there was some way to go.

“It takes time. We'll get there,” he told TMR. “Turning a supertanker around isn't easy, but it's possible.”

MORE: Read TMR's interview with Jaguar design boss, Ian Callum.

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