Holden VF Commodore And Chevrolet SS Teaser Campaign Kicks Off

Mike Stevens | Dec 7, 2012

GM has released new teaser images for its upcoming Holden VF Commodore and Chevrolet SS twins, hinting at the new car's headlights and tail-lights.

The images were slipped into a video presentation for the new Chevrolet SS NASCAR racer, its unveiling earlier this week offering a first impression of the new large sedan.

These teaser shots confirm the shape of the new Commodore's headlights, previewed by stretched and body-curved stickers on the SS race car.

UPDATE - MAY 2013: Pricing and photos for the new VF Commodore have been released. Click here.

We can also see a small section of the car's tail-light, viewed down the profile edge of the large sedan.

The new VF Commodore and its Chev-badged twin are scheduled to make their global debut at Florida's Speed Week event in February.

Watch for more teaser images to surface in the lead-up to the big event.

CLICK HERE for more details on the upcoming 2013 VF Commodore.

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  • Ash says,
    3 years ago
    Finally looks like Holden may not have the most popular large sedan in Australia as both Falcon and Commodore prepare for their last updates. Rumours floating suggest the next "updated" Falcon is in for some sharp styling. From the picks above, the Holden looks to be going soft.
  • Ben says,
    3 years ago
    Well that just leaves the grill then, since not much else is changed!
    Those hoping for a comprehensive makeover are gunna be very dissapointed.
  • Smart us says,
    3 years ago
    the headlight is from Opel
    • Dale Garrett says,
      3 years ago
      1 like
      The headlight is nothing like the Opel,when will people stop calling Holdens Opels,they are designed and made here,by Australians.
      • Balthazaaaaargh says,
        3 years ago
        1 like
        That's a nice thought, but... most Holdens are designed and built overseas.
        • Brett says,
          3 years ago
          Commodore is designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. Cruze is built in Australia and refined and retuned for Australia. Yes the others are designed elsewhere but give the boys at Holden the credit they deserve. In terms of Build quality if my current Commodore and previous Falcons have all been built very well, no rattles or squeaks. Compared to the imported cars I have owned and they are just as good.
  • FrugalOne says,
    3 years ago
    1 like
    Without the exports to USA the Commodore will die, its amazing how the market leader has fallen so fast, the market has spoken, we don't want overpriced/poor quality large sedans anymore sad
    • OutbackOZ
      OutbackOZ says,
      3 years ago
      1 like
      I dont think it the market not wanting "overpriced/poor quality" as you say. Both the commodore and Falcon have come leeps and bounds in buil quality. That market has moved to hatch's, suv's, and dual cab's. For me i can not justify loosing so much money over 5 years. They just don and never will hold value. I know all cars loose value but not as much as thees two do. There great cars and will be sad to loose them in Oz but it comes down to dollars and cents for me and a lot of others.
      • Callous says,
        3 years ago
        Nothing in the auto market under $500 grand retains its value well anymore.
      • LmyLefty says,
        3 years ago
        OutbackOZ, maybe you need to read Holden's CEO speech, that the Commodore will never disappear, not in 2016, 2018 nor 2022.
        Great Australian car and when stupid Aussies stop knocking the crap out of our products only then will they be recognised as good value for money. I've owned pommy cars and German and both didn't live up to the expectations that some people claim in here, not to mention the astronomical costs to runbleh.
    • macca says,
      3 years ago
      1 like
      No we just want small imported cars that are more expensive to insure and cost 3 times more for parts instead! end sarcasm....

      Another mentioned they don't hold value, WTF are you on about. NO CAR unless it is a classic or as another has said over 500k like a supercar will hold it's value! That is an urban myth in this day and age, Hell you can get cheap BMW's and Mercedes now that are only a few years old, Don't believe me then google it! Think you will find there aint that many cars that hold their value anymore.
  • Kevin Boyce says,
    3 years ago
    commodoreb bring back the 3 seater front seat in the ute and optional in the sedan and wagon, how, put the gear lever back on the tree, remove the centre consol and replace the ifo screen with a air bag, a centre lash and sash seat belt make it all legal.
    How many tradies would kill for that centre seat! for lunch boxes, maps and plans or just room for the mums and kids.

    bring back a real holden or perial.

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