2013 Holden Commodore Previewed By New Chevrolet SS NASCAR Racer

Mike Stevens | Nov 30, 2012


General Motors has unveiled its new NASCAR racer, offering a first - if warped - look at the upcoming Chevrolet SS sports sedan.

The unveiling is important to Australian buyers, as it likely offers the closest look yet at key design elements of the new 2013 VF Holden Commodore.

It is already known that the new Commodore will go on sale in the US as a "premium limited production" high-performance rear-wheel-drive sedan, wearing Chevrolet SS badges.

The SS will be Chevrolet's first rear-wheel-drive sedan since the Pontiac G8 - a tweaked and re-badged Commodore - was retired in 2009.

GM expects to sell no more than 10,000 SS sedans annually, all built by Holden in Australia.

The styling of the two cars, as with many Holden and Chevrolet models, is expected to be largely identical.

UPDATE - MAY 2013: Pricing and photos for the new VF Commodore have been released. Click here.

This means that, for the Commodore, we can expect the same large headlights shown here, along with the new bumper design and large bottom grille, flanked by LED daytime running lights.

Along the profile, we see a sharp character line leading into a tall vent mounted behind the front wheel arch, while the rear end is dominated by a new tail-light design.

With the NASCAR racer built around the new Car of Tomorrow architecture, we'll need to wait until the production car's unveiling to get a proper look at the new Commodore's overall look.

Spy footage captured by TMR in August offers a solid preview of the new model's shape, however.

The VE Commodore's core structure is expected to carry over, but all-new body panels will adorn the exterior, and an overhauled cabin will also feature.

Holden has secured Federal Government funding to help develop new lightweight material technologies. Rumour has it that these technologies will result in featherweight aluminium body panels for the VF Commodore.

The roadgoing Chevrolet SS and VF Holden Commodore models will make their global debut at Florida's Speed Week event in February. Watch TMR for more.

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  • Balthazaaaaargh says,
    3 years ago
    I dunno about those headlights, but the rest of it looks like a nice sporty update. The DRLs and the chrome trim around them look pretty good to.

    It's not an exciting looking car, but nobody ever expects that from the Commodore anyway. Has to appeal to too broad a market.

    HSV on the other hand... looking forward to that!
  • WarrenY says,
    3 years ago
    1 like
    Wow, there's a scoop, the VF will be a coupe..........

    If you hadn't told me, there is no way I would've guessed a link to the VE!
    • Paul Rain says,
      3 years ago
      To be quite honest I'm not sure this really reveals anything.

      Looks like most NASCARs, including the 'Camry' stock car.. which comes complete with Toyota developed pushrod engine. Certainly the VF will be closer to the NASCAR than the 'Camry' to the Camry.. but not _that_ much closer.
  • joni den says,
    3 years ago
    Its a awesome racing car and i believe that it will give a batter performance on road..

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