Malcolm Flynn | Nov 23, 2012

NSW Police has taken delivery of the most powerful highway patrol car ever to police Australian roads.

The one-off Ford Performance Vehicles GT is part of the limited run of RSPEC models, but the NSW Police version boasts 65 more kilowatts for a very pursuit-worthy 400kW.

The standard FPV GT RSPEC is already one of Australia’s fastest accelerating production cars, but the Police model’s supercharged 5.0 litre V8 uses upgraded fuel injectors and a new exhaust to liberate the new peak figure.

The GT’s badgework has also been suitably upgraded, now reading ‘BOSS 400’ compared to the regular ‘BOSS 335’ moniker.

Funded by the NSW Motor Accidents Authority, the crime-fighting RSPEC carries build-number 150 (of 350), with the number specifically chosen to commemorate the NSW Police Force’s 150th anniversary in 2012.

The unique model is fitted with the full gamut of current pursuit equipment, including police lighting, radar, and number-plate recognition technology.

This joins the RSPEC’s standard list of features, including launch control and the RSPEC-specific suspension tune and wheel/tyre package.

However, the Police RSPEC is mainly intended as a public liaison and awareness tool to be used at motorsport events across the state.

The car made its public debut at Sydney Dragway’s regular ‘Race 4 Real’ event on Wednesday night.

NSW Police’s FPV GT RSPEC will fulfill this role for the next two years, before retiring to the Justice & Police Museum in Sydney.


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