Tony O'Kane | Jul 2, 2008

Bah, those Royals. In a gesture that confirms Britain's royal family is so massively out of touch with the common man, Prince Charles - the current heir to the throne should ol' Liz decide to relinquish it some time this century - has decided to convert his Aston Martin DB6 to run on white wine.

To be fair to the Prince of Wales though, it's not quite the self-indulgent display you may think it is. The wine used to fuel his classic Aston is actually surplus stock from British vineyards, who are only allowed to produce a certain amount of the stuff every year. So, rather than getting poured down the drain the excess is instead sent to a biofuel refinery run by British company Green Fuels, who refine it into the ethanol which then gets poured into Charlie's DB6.

It's all part of the Prince's plan to lower his own personal greenhouse emissions and set a positive example for the rest of the UK. It's an excellent demonstration of how recycling can benefit the environment as well as the economy, but then again driving a vintage Aston Martin with an abysmal fuel economy of 24L/100km might not be the best way to lead by example- green fuel or not.

[Source: This Is London]

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